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What are Wedge Anchors?

Wedge Anchors also know as stud anchors or expansion anchors are used for heavy built fastening into solid concrete or stone. They cannot be used into the soft, hollow or porous base like brick or wood. It consists of two separate pieces but they are permanently assembled into a single unit.

The Anatomy of Wedge Anchor

Wedge Anchor body is made of carbon steel or Stainless steel; it is threaded on one end while the bottom end is cone shaped tapering to the nominal diameter. There is expansion clip which is permanently attached to the end of the Anchor body.

The wedge anchor is complete with a nut and a washer of standard measure made up of carbon steel and zinc plated or stainless steel.

Where Wedge Anchor can be used?

Wedge Anchor is used vastly in the following concrete applications like

Elevators Roof Flashing
Escalators Steps
Railing Car lift
Windows Duct work
Water Pipe Man door
Fire Sprinklers Desk
Light Fixture Shelving
Fence Post Sign
Light Post Exit Sign
TV Antenna Car Lift
Bike Rack Overhead door
Park Bench Electric Pipe
Conduit Television


Use Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors for outdoor or Caustic Environments. Use Zinc plated Wedge Anchors for indoor or non-caustic environments.

GAUGE Wedge Anchors

GAUGE Wedge Anchor from Shirazee Traders gives maximum load bearing capacities. It is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation. It is designed in a way to increase the flexibility also fewer hammer blows and minimal torque slippage decreases the installation time.

Approved for: Concrete C20/25 to C50/60 Non-Cracked
Suitable for: Concrete C12/15 Natural stone with dense structure




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