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Director’s Desk

Hi there! I am Huzaifa Pardawala !

Our Mission is to facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers; to give precise and dependable information on products under our reach for global buyers; to help buyers perform their business effectively and efficiently.

Our Aim is to become renowned Industrial material supplier, a one stop solution for any Industrial prerequisite. “This is not just a dream, it is our Destiny”. We offer Maximum product range to our customers at a competitive price. Our vendors provide extraordinary services with the JIT approach, so forget those days when the delivery is not on time. WE SUPPLY PRODUCTS THAT WORK THE WAY WE DO. We have an Expertise team of people who are highly educated and experienced. We serve the Indian Market since 1993.

Shirazee Traders are Importer,Exporter and Seller of Wide Range of Fasteners,Power Tools,Chemical Studs,Mono Bolt Rivets,Self Tapping Screws,Nylon Frame Fixing in Pune